A Quick look at the D&D 4e Spring 2010 releases

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I think I’m a couple days late on this, as it’s all over the boards in various forums, but I’m going to place them here for reference anyway.  This comes courtesy of Herschel, the original poster on the EN forums where I lifted this from.  (My comments will be in parenthesis):

Underdark Sourcebook by Rob Heinsoo and Andy Collins. 160 pages, $29.95
PHB Races Handbook: Dragonborn by James Wyatt. 32 pages, $9.95 (Wouldn’t an “ecology of” Article in Dragon cover this?  I hope it’s not a lot of the same material.  Maybe they are answering some of the 3rd party companies that have released racial books.)

Martial Power 2 (and the power cycle begins anew… I wonder how many of these they have planned…)
Reavers of Harkenwold (HS1 Module levels 1-3) (I love they are continuing with the adventure series.  Will there be continuity & a more fleshed out POL setting?)
Divine Power Cards (Meh.)
Minis: PHB Heroes: Series 3 (2 Arcane & Primal, 1 Divine & Martial) (minis addict.  I love minis.)

Player’s HandBook  3 (Yes!  Although I wonder how many of these they can keep squeezing out…)
Dungeon Tiles: Howling Halls (I love tiles, but I think an older set reprint is in order.)

Hammerfast a Fully detailed dwarven town/outpost, $12 price point. (I think this is awesome.  More fluff and NPC’s can’t be bad.  I sense a Points of Light campaign setting is stealthily being introduced.)
The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea Sourcebook (I can see a lot of people wanting this.  Manual of the Planes probably skimmed the surface)
Minis: Monster Manual: Streets of Shadow (What?  Minis named after a tiles set?  Okay.  Counts. Lots of nasties lurk in the shadows.)

So there you go.  What are you most excited for?  I can tell you the dwarven outpost book seems really cool.  But anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a sucker for dwarfs.

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