The demographics of 4th. Ed.

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I see a lot of hate spewed at 4th Ed. by the 3.x crowd.  I guess almost ten years worth of gaming material both by WOTC & 3rd parties isn’t enough to foster years and years of further playing, but what do I know, I’m just a newb.  I guess we all have our reasons as to why we play a certain edition of D&D: the 1st Ed. guys love the Gygaxian feel of things, while 2nd Ed guys love THACO in all its glory, and the 3rd Ed guys wanted more books to sit next to the 235 other 3.x books in the collection.

Me?  I like the simplicity of 4th Ed.  You see, I’m a busy guy in my mid-thirties.   I have a stressful job as a tv producer.  I come home, and I have a wife and two little kids that require a lot of attention, and to be honest I don’t have the time to devote to a game that has a complicated rule set or long preparation times. With 4th Ed., I find that encounter building is simple, the rules are fairly easy to learn, character creation is quick and the overall system lends itself to a simple rpg.   Is it dumbed down? It may be, but honestly, I don’t care.   It’s just what a guy like me needs.  I like to sit around with friends for a few hours, talk smack, eat pizza, and play D&D.  I’m not looking for simulations or realism.  I’m a guy that is in a different demographic than the high school or college kid that can devote more time to his favorite hobby.   And rest assured kids, you’ll get here soon enough.

So I want to conduct a completely unscientific poll:   How many of you 4th Ed. players are like me?  How many of you have the same types of things going on in life that I do, and find that the game caters better to your situation?

In fact, I’m going to run an handy poll here to get your ages, and see what demographics we are talking about.

I look forward to your comments.

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