Ki power source is gone, hello Psionic Monk

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The Monk has gone live, and he is not what people were expecting. The Ki power source, alluded to in the Player’s Handbook is apparently no more. Rather, he is a Psionic Striker. There is a great Design and Development article explaining the reasoning. The gist of it being that the Ki power source “grew thinner and thinner” as a power source and they didn’t want to have to lump all the asian flavored classes under Ki.

There is a new mechanic for the Monk, called “Full Discipline”, it’s a power that gives you two or more actions to choose from, a standard attack action, and a move. The full discipline power represents a style of fighting for the monk, letting him combine his movements and attacks.

Many people have written about Monks in 4th Ed., and many were featured in the “Open Game Table” anthology. I can’t wait to read their take on the monk as presented officially on DDI. Me? I like it, I can see it being potentially very deadly. I have nothing to compare it to, because I never played a monk in previous editions, or played with someone who did, so when I do see one it’ll be new to me. I can’t wait. Mike Mearls said on twitter that it’s his favorite class. Ever. So there you go.
If you can’t wait for PHB3 to see it, go subscribe to DDI… or wait for the 100 write ups we’ll see on the class soon.

So yes. A psionic striker.

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