Inject a little roleplaying in your combat

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Continuing my thoughts today on roleplaying in 4th Ed. D&D, I was thinking about  a way a player might introduce some roleplaying into the mix if he/she feels that there’s too much combat going on and the DM is getting a little too  carried away with consecutive encounters.  Use your skills.

Using Intimidate is a great way to quickly force your DM to roleplay his NPC’s and mobs in a fight.  Per the rules, a player can use the skill to force a bloodied opponent to surrender or reveal a secret.  That alone provides for great roleplaying opportunities.  Not every fight has to end in the death of an NPC. 

 Make your DM have to act his guys out!

“I’m going to intimidate the Orc Chieftain.  ‘Put down your axe!  It’s over you vile creature!’  That’s my standard action.  I roll a 22.”  If you beat the Orc’s will save, a roleplaying encounter is born.

So yes, 4th Ed. modules are encounter heavy.  But they also provide ample monsters that provide you with more than enough fodder to interact with and roleplay.

Try it this weekend, and surprise your DM!  Make him have to give generic gnoll #2 a voice!

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