If you ran a publishing company…

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 Before this comes accross as a WOTC defense, it isn’t.  This is a genuine “What would I do?” moment.  I believe WOTC kneejerked yesterday, and is facing the mob today… Regardless, on with the point of my post… 

Let me set up a hypothetical scenario here.  Assume you are a publisher, you publish books.  It doesn’t matter what kind of book, but books is how you make your living.  It doesn’t matter if you are a deep pocketed corporation or a 5 man small enterprise, because either way, people who work at the company depend on those books selling to get a paycheck.  From the president to the janitor.

Now, you find that you can make extra money selling your books electronically as PDF’s, but you also find that they are now being heavily given away on the internet.  And this may or may not affect your sales of physical books, because after all, people may decide that free trumps paying.   Look at the newspaper industry, free news on the internet is killing the morning paper accross the country.  This isn’t my opinion, it’s a fact.

What do you do? How would you manage your own company, that people depend on thriving to get a weekly check, if it were facing this scenario?

 I’m curious for solutions.  My comment space is yours.

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