PHB 3 speculation: Assassins?

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The latest issue of Dragon Magazine has an article titled “Art of the Kill”, with feats, items, paragon paths and other loads of crunch to carve out your own assassin into your game.  But there is an interesting sidebar on there that opens up the possibility of an assassin core class in the next Player’s Handbook:


True Assassins

Those who study the art of murder invariably hear rumors about other killers who some regard as true assassins. No one knows with certainty if these people or creatures exist, so they relegate them to legend and myth. Where the tales agree, they paint these mysterious figures as creatures of the night, having no need for the tricks and tools used by their lesser ilk. Some say they can step through walls, blend into the stuff of shadows, alter their appearance at will, and command the gloaming to do their bidding.  If these true assassins exist, they have left behind no witnesses—only questions and chilling fear.


So we know (based on the PHB1), that shadow is a future power source.  Have we been let in on the fact the the Assassin core class, using shadow power, is coming in the near future?  And that they move through walls, and alter their appearance?  Coooool.

I don’t want to DM anymore.  I want the PHB3 now!

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