Ye Old Map Maker

Posted on March 4, 2009 by


I stumbled accross this webpage and thought it was worth pointing it out.  It’s called and that’s just it.  You’re given a blank grid to play with, and a small collection of symbols, including outdoor stuff as well as indoors.  You can then place the symbols unto the grid and make a battlemap.   I’m not a software expert, but I think it is flash based in design. 

The page lets you print out your creation across two pages, and at least on my system here, the scale was slightly smaller than 1″, although I think it is playable enough as it is.

There isn’t any information on the page as to who is behind it or anything… it sort of just is…

The maps are simple in design, the objects are all line art with no color, but for being free, they are great.  Let’s wait and see if they get some followers and a community builds around this program.  There are already some maps loaded unto the site that are loadable if you register an account.

This may just be a cool tool for an unprepared DM in need of a quick fix.  Check it out!

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