Visiting gaming stores while overseas…

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My job brought me across the Atlantic  for a few days and I’m currently in Manchester, England.  I decided that since I had some downtime this afternoon, I’d check out some gaming/comic/geek stores within walking distance  of my hotel.

Surprisingly, there are more stores that I could  walk to, than there are back home where I can drive too.  Nice.  My first stop was “Travelling Man” on Dale Street.  It’s a very cool comics/D&D typestore with a bunch of neat stuff that they don’t even sell at my FLGS in Miami.  Paizo flip mats, Fiery Dragon Counters, tons of other RPG’s, and of course comics of every type.  

I  then went to Forbidden Planet on Oldham Street.  That’s a more run-of-the-mill mega mega store where you can find just about every geek thing available, SW stuff, comics, Manga, RPG’s.  I think it must have been triple the size of  “Travelling Man”.

Although Travelling Man is apparently a chain of stores here, I prefered it over Forbidden Planet.  It was a lot more quaint, and had the FLGS feel of old.  A bucket of dice waited by the register, and I contemplated buying a set to kill my PC’s with British dice, but I hadn’t exchanged US money yet and wasn’t going to credit card a set of dice.

To bad there weren’t games being run, I would have tried to jump in.

Ahh… good times.  Now I should get to work.

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