Photoshop and Dungeon Tiles redux

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So I’ve said before that I have every dungeon tile set that Wizard’s has put out. I think they are cool, and useful. I even have multiple sets of some of them, for the big 8×10 tiles. But I’ve also said that once I buy something, it’s mine to do with as I please, as log as I’m not breaking anyone’s copyright or sharing on the internet.

I’ve been thinking about maps lately, whether scaling them off Dungeon magazine, or Wizards’ web site, or simply designing my own. I’m liking the idea of designing my own maps from my Dungeon Tiles on photoshop. It works a lot better for my needs.

I came up with this map today. It’s very simple, not a lot of features except for some ruble on the northen corners, and  it could have easily been drawn on a grid with dry erase, but I like presenting stuff like this to the guys, rather than a white grid with dry erase.


I call it the Lizard King’s Throne Room. The pool in the middle is a portal to the Shadowfell, where his Shadar-Kai advisors manipulators come from.  (Obscure, homebrew campaign related factoid…)

The room is extra big on purpose to accomodate the number of participants in the encounter, 8 pc’s + monsters…

Anyways, I posted this so you see how feasible it is to use computers plus your physical Dungeon Tiles to make some nice maps at home.

BTW, I printed this out using Microsoft Excel.  It does in fact tile images into multiple papers when you print them out.  My map scaling tutorial uses PDF, but I will edit that out, or make Excel the prefered choice for printing. 

 Would anyone want me to post this map BTW, at full scale, so you can print out on Excel?  I can if you want, if not, I won’t bother….

Maybe I’ll make a map feature on the blog where I post custom made maps…. or take requests….  Hmmmmm…….

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