When are there too many players in a group?

Posted on January 9, 2009 by


So when I bought the 4th Ed. books, I was itching to play D&D.  I was out of it a while, and really wanted to find a group to play with.  I thought I’d be out of luck, as most of the guys I used to play with had their own things going on, and I didn’t think they’d be available.

Well I”ll be damned.

This Saturday night I’ll be running 9 guys+me at the table.  Loud, rowdy, mid-30’s smack-talking, ball-busting, “legends in their own mind”  type players.  How many players is too much?  Normally, we end up with 6 or 7 players, as usually someone drops out and cannot make it.  Not this weekend.  Everyone said yes.

This will be the largest group I’ve run yet!  Yikes!

My wife is going to kill me.  We’ve got a baby and a 3 year old who have to sleep. 

My gut tells me to tell some guys not to come, but I know how much it sucks to want to play, and not be able to.   Those of you in Miami might agree with me that gaming is a little limited here.  You take what you can get.  But 9 players is a lot to keep track of in an already slow-as-it-is combat system.  Of course, I say that based only on my experience playing these past few months….

When do you guys start turning people away?  How much is too much?  Are there ever too many players at the table?

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