Finally a new post… Ringing in the New Year with a skill challenge!

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And I’m back.

The holidays are always a busy time for me, with two little kids, family, friends, the house full of people, my anniversary and my wife’s birthday all bunched up at the same time.  But I survived, so it’s time to start blogging again.

This Saturday we are playing again, and I’m having my PC’s navigate a swamp as they look for a Halfling outpost tucked away on a little island.  I decided to design a skill challenge for this, rather than stealing finding one on the internet.  So we’ll see how it goes.  I’m still hoping to find an MP3 of a group actually running one, to see how others are doing it.

Anyway, I’m going to post it here for opinions.  Or, if you’re in need of a skill challenge, feel free to use it.

I found this thread over at ENWorld, by AFCErik, and I liked how he did his skill challenges on paper.  So I took his basic idea and modified it to my liking.  I have the basic template as a word file, if anyone cares for it.

So, here is my skill challenge:  Navigating the Eckleborough Swamp.

(The circles inside the columns on the right are meant to be checked off as successes/failures are accumulated.)

Let me know your thoughts… I’m reaaaally a Newbie DM with skill challenges….

Finally, I received some really humbling and exciting news for my little blog, of which I’m going to write about this week,  and I’m also going to blog about a community project I am proposing for all of the RPG Bloggers Network members.  Every single one of you.  Those of you on the Google Group already know what it is,  I think it’s good stuff, so stay tuned…

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