Minions… Broken?

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I recently wrote about a lack of minion creation rules in 4th Edition, and now, in the latest official D&D podcast, minions are brought up.  One of the hosts answers a question about feedback received from players, and what he feels isn’t working in 4th Ed.  He goes on to say he’s “dubious” about minions, and he talks about Epic level minions in particular.

At his table, minions aren’t worth 1/4 the XP value of a regular monster.  He mentions 1/8th or 1/10th being a more realistic budget.  And in fact, he houseruled it already. 

Are we smelling another mechanics revamp  official errata somewhere down the road, like the Skill Challenges one?  Why are they avoiding minion creation rules?  It could have certainly been a Dragon article by now, 6 months after the release of the system.

What bothers me is that he is referring to Epic Minions being somehow different than other types of minions.  How can we know that when there are no rules to create them?   When I created my Bugbear Scrub, I just played a guessing game… I gave him the same weapon, 1/2 regular weapon damage,  and took it from there…

So I ask fellow DM’s out there…  do you use minions in your games?  Do you follow the rules, or have you houseruled it?  Do you create your own?  What system have you developed?

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