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Before you read… yes, this is a rant. 🙂

The Forgotten Realms has been the only published setting I’ve ever played in…  if I wasn’t playing in the Realms, I was playing in someone’s home brewed campaign setting…  I have fond memories of pulling out the poster map in the old grey box and plotting a few days worth of travel…  I was given the 3rd Ed. Realms book as a gift and enjoyed reading it if just for the background fluff, and to see where everyone was, although I didn’t really play much 3rd. Ed. Realms…

I recently browsed a friend’s 4th Ed. Realms stuff, and two things stuck out:

1.  Charging us for 2 books worth of 1 books content is sneaky.  Bad, bad Wizard’s.

2.  Can’t the 4th Edition ruleset function outside the “points-of-light” setting?  Of course it can. 

What is the point of trying to make the setting fit the implied one in the DMG?  Doesn’t that kill originality?  Seriously, what is the point of that?  Is every published setting going to be retconned to a “point-of-light”?

I find it silly.  DMG Implied is DMG implied, Realms is Realms, and Dragonlance is Dragonlance.  They don’t need to match.

What do you think?

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