Running Skill Challenges is a skill challenge unto itself

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So this month’s Dragon has an article about running skill challenges, but I don’t subscribe to DDI.  (I think this should have been free to everyone, but I digress.)  So I ask all of you now, how do you handle this part of DMíng?  Every 4th Ed. DM is technically a newbie Dm when it comes to Skill Challenges…

I’ve been running KOTS since I began DMíng, and there are a few situations in the module that I consider Skill Challenges:  The conversation with Sir Keenan, and the trap room.  Keep in mind these were written before the famous errata changed the success/failure numbers.

How do you guys run and present this to the players?  Do you tell them “okay gang, we are now entering a skill challenge?”  or “in order to accomplish x, give me 3 arcana rolls before 3 failures…”

For example, in the trap room either 3 arcana checks or 3 thievery checks disable one of the traps… So the Magic User, without me telling him said “I’ll try to use some arcane magic on it”  I had him make a check, and he beat the DC, so I said something to the effect of  “you see the statue react to your magic, it looked like its mechanism fizzled off, but sputtered on again”.

He didn’t bother trying again.  I thought that was enough of a hint to get him to continue making his attempts.  Should I have told him what was expected?  What do you guys do?

And Wizards, c’mon, open the article.  Skill Challenges are core rules, and people are having a hard time with them…

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