Dungeon Tiles on the cheap

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So I’ve picked up some of these Dungeon Tiles that Wizards puts out.  They look great, but not nearly enough come in a pack IMHO.  Also, I consider that once I buy the Dungeon TIle, they are mine to do as I please with, like a movie or a CD, or a book.

Here’s how I’ve gotten my money’s worth for the $9.99 I’m spending….

1.  Scan them at a high resolution.

2.  Print them out at the best setting.

3. Cut them up in odd shapes and sizes that the original pack doesn’t include.

4.  Glue them to cardboard.  (I get mine at Costco for free, or my kid’s giant diaper boxes are also great for that)

Voila!  Extra Dungeon Tiles, with weird shapes and sizes you can’t get.  Circular rooms, Triangular rooms, extra thrones, statues, etc…

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