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Experiments in building a 5e D&D race: The Shardmind.

April 27, 2015



Here’s my 5e version of the Shardmind, a race introduced in the 4e PHB3. The Shardmind origin is described as the shattered pieces of a gate at the edge of the far realm. Or something to that effect. Honestly, I don’t know much about the mythology of 4e. So make the Shardmind’s ¬†origin what you […]

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Experiments in building a 5e D&D race: The Loxo

April 26, 2015



I’ve been making monsters for 5e here and there, trying my hand at some homebrew design work, so I decided to try and make a new race for the game. I felt like going outside the box in my thinking so I went with one of the less popular races, the Loxo. The Loxo became […]

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5e Monsters: Korred and Froghemoth

April 24, 2015



Continuing my conversion of older D&D monsters to 5e, here are two interesting monsters for you to use in your 5th ed. game: the korred (for low level play), and the froghemoth (made for higher level parties to face). The korred are forest fey, fond of singing, dancing and nature. Thematically, they are close to […]

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5e Monsters: Dragonne and Dark Creeper

April 23, 2015


Dark Creeper as seen in the 1st ed. Fiend Folio

Here are two more monsters to add to your 5e D&D games. First, the Dragonne, a sphynx like magical creature described as “cross between a brass dragon and a giant lion”. These creatures have their D&D beginnings way back in the 1ed. Monster Manual. Their defining traits across all editions were its roar and its […]

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5e Monster: Living Wall

April 21, 2015



The Living Wall… one of those… weird monsters that D&D is sometimes famous for, this one appeared in the game through the Ravenloft campaign setting for 2nd ed. It’s a section of wall made up of the corpses of creatures (read adventurers) it has absorbed and taken up as part of its structure. Above all […]

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