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Star Wars/5e Hack Minor Update

June 29, 2015



I’m still moving along with my SW/5e hack (my friend Mark from Dice Monkey and Marvel Plot Points has offered to help me out)… I’ve done some thinking about how I’d like to see it progress in certain areas, and here’s what I have: Classes: I am leaning towards a classless system that gives you decision […]

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Let’s Build a 5e-Based Star Wars

June 24, 2015


Own this MF'er... Eh, Millenium Falcon MF'er I mean...

As some of you who know me may know, I love Star Wars. I also love Star Wars rpgs. I love gaming in that universe, I love reading and playing any and all versions of Star Wars roleplaying. It’s up there with D&D. I also love trying to hack games into SW. I released a […]

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Some magic items of Undermountain converted to 5e

May 30, 2015



I’m working on slowly converting the first Undermountain boxed set (2nd Ed.) to 5e for my home game. I’ve already converted a few of the magical items included in the set, and figured I’d share them here. They are: Arrow of Holding Glim Gauntlets Grzeenstone Amulet Ring of Gargoyles Stone of Shielding Spellblade Scepter of […]

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5e Magic Item Conversions

May 12, 2015



I’m enjoying converting older D&D material into 5e. I’ve done races and monsters, and now I’m tackling magical items. I put together a document with conversion for items from two older books filled with magic: 2e’s Tome of Magic by David Cook, and 1e’s The Magister by Ed Greenwood. I obviously didn’t convert all the items in those […]

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The mul & thri-kreen PC races for 5e D&D

April 28, 2015


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I’ve been working on 5e monsters and races lately. Earlier this week I posted a Shardmind and a Loxo, and now here are two more races to add to your 5e options (assuming you like them and your DM approves!) These two races come from the Dark Sun setting, the Mul and Thri-Kreen. The latter is in […]

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