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Star Wars d6 via Maptool

October 9, 2011 by


The other night I played in a Star Wars d6 game (run by Mark Meredith of Dice Monkey) via Google+ Hangouts.  Since I have an older PC, the experience for me was less than stellar, as G+ Hangouts uses webcams, audio, filesharing, and it all hogs too much of my resources.  Afterwards I mentioned to […]

More on Star Wars using AGE

March 11, 2011 by


On my off time I’ve been quietly working (for fun) on a Star Wars conversion of the first 5 levels of Dragon Age.  I’m not spending too much time on it, but I admit that the prospect of an AGE powered Star Wars game is appealing to me, if not for nostalgia alone, as the […]

The Dragon Age in a galaxy far, far away…

January 17, 2011 by


After seeing the absolutely kick ass fan produced version of the Mystara campaign setting for the AGE system (Dragon Age’s engine), I am now more than ever inspired to slowly work on a Star Wars version (or at least attempt to contribute to one). One thing’s for sure, my inspiration for doing something like this […]

The importance of a ship in your Star Wars game

August 23, 2010 by


The ships in a Star Wars RPG serve a real clear purpose beside just  getting your party from point A to point B.  And yes, that’s a very important purpose, considering that unlike D&D, where the party marches for a few hours, and arrives  at their destination, in SW a party has to cross the […]

Setting the mood in a galaxy far, far away…

April 21, 2010 by


I blogged about this before, last year when I thought I was going to start a SW Saga campaign.  it took a while to get it going, but finally tonight we are playing Star Wars.  I’ll be running it, taking a small break from my 4e campaign for a few sessions, and then just run […]

Win a copy of the Star Wars Legacy Era Campaign Guide

April 6, 2010 by


Congratulations to the winner, Mike, who posted a message on April 8th at 4:05pm.  I am sorry for not posting these results sooner, my bad.  COngrats to the winner and be on the lookout for more contests from and Gator Games. ——————————————————– I love Star Wars, and I love the idea of a SW […]

West End Games is dead, long live West End Games

February 9, 2010 by


I am a huge fan of the West End Games Star Wars d6 game.  In fact, if I got two calls on the same day, one with a D&D invite, and one with a d6 Star Wars invite, I’d most likely choose to play Star Wars.  That’s how much I like it, but unfortunately it’s […]

Star Wars scroll for my SW: Dawn of Defiance game.

August 26, 2009 by


I’ve decided to complement the current love affair I’m having with D&D with a little Star Wars gaming.  I’ve been a huge fan of the SW RPG  for years, from the days of the old West End Game version of the game, and having played Saga Edition at Gencon reminded me of what a fun […]


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