NewbieDM Minicast Episode 1

November 8, 2014


As I prepare to relaunch the NewbieDM Minicast, this time focused on 5e, I am making the 14 original 4e episodes available as originally produced. This is the first episode of the original run of the Minicast, where I was joined by my friend Phil, the Chatty DM to discuss a DM’s question about the use […]

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Converting the 2e Realms to 5e

September 29, 2014


The 2e realms box

In a previous post I wrote about setting my home game in the Forgotten Realms around the time period of the 2nd edition version of D&D, which would put us in Faerun in 1368DR. For those of you keeping track at home, the original boxed set of the Forgotten Reams placed the timeline at 1357DR, […]

Setting my campaign in the 2e Forgotten Realms

September 14, 2014


The 2e realms box

So I’m taking my 5e home game back in time a bit. After playing a session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen, I felt a bit dissatisfied with the adventure (mostly due to the way it played with my group), so I’m going to do a bit of a do over. I’m going to usse 5e’s […]

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Campaign building with the Monster Manual

September 10, 2014



“This bestiary is for storytellers and world-builders.” – Monster Manual introduction The D&D 5th Ed. Monster Manual releases on September 19th for those stores that take part in the WOTC WPN program, and on September 30th for everyone else. A few Monster Manuals saw the light of day at Gencon, and we’ve seen some bits […]

Bringing back the Minicast for 5e

September 7, 2014



So 5th Ed. launched and it’s a thing, and I want to get back to doing what I like with D&D, which is talking with and helping DMs with their games. So I’m bringing back my old (and ENnie nominated) NewbieDM Minicast. It’s been far too long.  If you’ve never heard of the minicast, it […]

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Critical effects on 20/20 rolls with Advantage

September 5, 2014



Back in the old days, we played D&D with the Loremaster Critical Hit/Fumble charts. They added some nasty effects to the game, making it really deadly. Like, sever someone’s spine and leave them paralyzed for the rest of their lives deadly… I thought that it would be cool to introduce something similar to my game and […]

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A quick note for new D&D players

September 4, 2014



Public service announcement time:  You may be curious about D&D, you may be starting out with the game, as there has been a lot of press lately about it. There’s a new edition, the game is celebrating its 40th anniversary, so there is a lot of D&D noise being made. I wanted to help you […]

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