No Surprises: D&D Next arriving in the Summer of 2014

December 20, 2013



So as most of us thought, the release date for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Ed. has been announced, and the game lands on the nebulous “Summer 2014″ date… which is clearly a Gencon launch. Here’s the cryptic release… Why cryptic? Let’s talk after you read it… Wizards of the Coast Announces Thrilling Dungeons & Dragons […]

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Things I Want For Christmas

December 3, 2013


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It’s that time of the year where we get give gifts so I thought I’d out together a list of things I’d like to get give RPG lovers everywhere…. This list includes real products, and also things I wish were real… Dragon Age Set 3: On February 20, 2012, Green Ronin released the Open Playtest for […]

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Expanding Horizons

August 25, 2013



Lately I’ve been on kind of a Fate kick. I picked up both Fate Core, and Fate Accelerated Edition from Evil Hat Productions, and I’ve been digging into them all week. For those of you that follow this blog mostly from the D&D side of the street, and aren’t aware of Fate, it’s an rpg […]

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87 DM tips.

July 31, 2013


vinyl battlemat

I went crazy on twitter last night. I was doing some fiction writing (non rpg) when I suddenly stopped and thought about how I really haven’t been doing my job as “newbiedm”, which basically is to try and help new dm’s do their job right. So I started tweeting tips. And before I knew it, […]

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About the Red Aegis rpg…

July 18, 2013



So I have some pretty cool news…   I’ve joined the development team (as a freelancer) of a new rpg that has been announced called Red Aegis.  The game is the brainchild of the James Bros. (Matt & Brian), names you’ll recognize from plenty 4e D&D WOTC products.  The game’s premise is what interested me […]

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Talking 2e D&D with Mark from Dice Monkey

June 13, 2013


My friend mark Meredith from the Dice Monkey blog invited me unto a Google hangout to talk about 2e D&D. I have fond memories of that edition, so I jumped at the chance. Here’s our chat.

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Playing Marvel via Google Hangouts

April 8, 2013



I was invited to play Marvel Heroic Roleplaying by my friend Mark, from the Dice Monkey blog and the Marvel-centric Plot Points blog.  The game was run on Google+ hangouts, and since I had never played Marvel before I jumped at the chance. I have a lot of friends who have been a part of the […]

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